Fire on the moon presents… Secrets of the old bridge

[PAST - December 2nd]

In “Secrets of the Old Bridge”, you’ll step into the mind and heart of a young woman named Laramie as she learns to navigate her long-held trauma with the help of those who love her.

This will be a free, proof-of-concept show with a Q&A session with our audience afterward.

// This project was born out of a fascination with the concept of emotional immediacy. We want to create a show that acts as a tool that could reliably translate abstract, complex concepts into a music-driven theatrical performance in the physical space. The ultimate goal is to take what we learn and offer musicians the ability to perform and for the people watching to be able to grasp the emotions and themes embedded in their music with ease. //

About Your Experience:
- The performance lasts 55 minutes without intermission. You will only be able to use the restroom during the pre-show portion of the experience.
- Please keep in mind when you reserve your free ticket(s): there is limited seating in the general admission area. If you prefer to be seated, please reserve a "GA - Seated" ticket. Seating area is a non-interactive, spectator only zone.
- Because of the immersive nature of this world, audiences will be standing and/or moving quickly throughout the space. We recommend comfortable footwear.
- Audiences may experience thrilling moments of psychological suspense. This may include eerie sounds, unsettling images, flashing lights, fog, and periods of darkness.
- You may be separated from your party.
- Our performers may touch you and interact with you. We ask that you keep a safe and respectful distance.
- Must be age 16+ to attend. Strong language may be used at certain points in the performance and may not be considered suitable for children.
- Printed ticket is not required for entry.
- The live performance and audience will be photographed and filmed for future marketing and promotional purposes.
- Venue is wheelchair accessible